A portion of CD sales will be donated to wounded warriors and orphans through Hope For Ukraine.

     This collection of 16 traditional and original Ukrainian songs was

inspired by my grandfather Gregory, and the deep devotion he felt towards his Ukrainian heritage. The traditional folk songs are favorite melodies that my grandfather recalled from his childhood home.  It was especially meaningful for me to collaborate with my mother, aunt, and grandfather while arranging this music, and writing the six original songs on this album. Four of the songs were written by my grandfather at age 92, and they will always be a precious gift to us. We dedicate this album to his memory, and thank him for enriching our lives with the Ukrainian language, culture, and history. We also dedicate Songs From Home to those that gave their lives for the freedom of Ukraine, and to those that continue to defend its independence.

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Songs From Home


Toronto Ukrainian Festival

Чом трава зелена (Why is the Grass Green)

© 2018 Andriana and Heavenstar Trio

"Kоли слухаєш такі гарні пісні із закордону, то наша Українська пісня ніколи незабудиться!!!" ( You Tube comment )

English Single: Thank You For This Day