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      Andriana is an American singer/songwriter

with a strong connection to her Ukrainian heritage.

        Andriana has appeared as a vocalist, violinist, actress, and dancer at venues such as the Lunaria Jazz Club in Los Angeles, the Williamstown Theatre Festival of  MA with Kate Burton and Broadway Director Roger Rees, the Lyric Stage Company in Boston, and the Capitol Center for the Arts in NH.

        While Andriana can be heard performing various styles of music, Ukrainian folk songs remain closest to her heart. Her traditional and original songs (in English and Ukrainian) have been featured on programs such as The Morning Show in Boston, Nash Holos (Our Voice) Ukrainian Roots Radio of Vancouver, Canada, Ukraine Music Room (Lviv, Ukraine), and other international broadcasts.  Andriana enjoys singing with her mother and aunt as The Family Trio  Heavenstar (Трiо Небозiр) at events such as the Soyuzivka Ukrainian Festival in New York, and the Ukrainian Festival in Toronto, Canada.



Toronto Ukrainian Festival


        Andriana's love of Ukrainian culture comes from her grandparents, who immigrated to the U.S. after being displaced from their homeland during WWII. She grew up listening to stories of their childhood home, which later inspired many of her lyrics. Andriana's most recent album, Songs From Home, is dedicated to her grandfather, who wrote several of the songs and introduced her to some of the lesser known traditional melodies. "My grandfather played accordion in a band back in Ukraine. He collected and added lyrics to folk songs all of his life, but he didn't write his own lyrics till age 92. His songs will always be a special gift for our family." 


        Andriana has performed music in English, Spanish, Italian, and Greek, and is always up for the challenge of learning songs in a new language. She has written and produced stage shows and benefit concerts that highlight Ukrainian music and dance, as well as Broadway show tunes, American folk music, classical works, Celtic ballads, Latin rhythms, and other styles.

        When not on stage, Andriana teaches English, and enjoys sharing music with her students. As she puts it, “Music tells the story of the people - their joys and their heartaches, and in those stories we can find common ground.”

      For many years, Andriana has recorded her grandparents’ memoirs, learning about their childhood, the impact of war, and the journey that brought them to the United States. “Documenting their stories has given me a deeper empathy for people around the world whose lives have been altered because of war,” says Andriana. “My grandparents were fortunate to build a life in America, and were always grateful for the freedom to practice their traditions and religious beliefs. I’m thankful that they shared their language and customs with me. It has given me an appreciation for the music and history of other cultures as well.”

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